Analyse og PDE


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Analysis Group Seminar

Next Tuesday, September 8, Dept. of Mathematics, room 640 at 14.15


Speaker: master student Ksenia Lavrichenko (UiB)

Title: "Investigation of phase portraits of three-dimensional models of gene networks"



  • Motivation: Prediction of regimes of molecular-genetic system functioning by structural and functional organization of a system is one of the key problems in the fields of bioinformatics studying gene network functioning. To address this problem, it is necessary to perform theoretical studies of functioning of gene networks’ regulatory contours and to reveal their general regularities, which determine the presence or absence of ability to support stationary, cyclic, or other, more complex regimes of functioning.
  • Results: Presence and stability of the limit cycles and stationary points of small amplitude resulting from the Andronov–Hopf bifurcation were studied in a system of ordinary differential equations which describes the behavior of a three-dimensional hypothetical gene regulatory network.

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