Fiskeriøkologi og havbruk


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Fishing in Bergen

Where to fish and what to eat around Bergen

Keno Ferter


Instead of a report, PhD student Keno Ferter opted to make a short film for his course in last summer’s BSRS. He collaborated with UiB’s Division of Communication for equipment and with students from the Department of Information Science and Media Studies for editing assistance. 

For the film Ferter interviewed fishermen, people servicing fishermen (Kristian Mæland, from Campelen på Bryggen AS) and experts: Amund Måge, Head of Research for Contaminants and BIOhazards at NIFES, and Anders Goksøyr, Department head at BIO and leader of the toxicology research group. 

The film, “Contaminants in fish from the Bergen area: where to fish and what to eat!” is now published on UiB’s VIMEO site.

Ferter’s research is the subject of another news article, “Is “catch and release” working?”

And, Ferter was selected as one of the first group of “up and coming” young people in Hordaland in BT earlier in October.