Evolusjonær økologi


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EvoFish+Evolutionary Ecology

Evolutionary Fisheries Ecology and Evolutionary Ecology groups have joined the forces.


Starting from the 1st of September, Evolutionary Fisheries Ecology (EvoFish) and Evolutionary Ecology groups are a new research group. The full name of the group is 'Evolutionary Ecology', reflecting the true breadth of our interests. However, fish are central in our work, and we will use the catchy 'EvoFish' as our short name. What else could we do when we have such a great trophy?

The new group covers the full breadth of evolutionary ecology. Our specific areas of expertise include fisheries-induced evolution, behavioural ecology in fish, evolutionary parasitology, and plant-animal interactions. We have strong traditions in biostatistics, modelling, and experimentation. Specifically, we have a good deal of activity based on our experimental systems with guppy, Daphnia, and salmon lice.

Our group has a healthy demographic structure. We have three new master's students and are full of ideas for new master's projects, be they field- or lab-based or modelling/statistics oriented ones! We are three PhD students, two technicians, three postdocs/early-career scientists, and five established scientists (see here).

The Evolutionary Ecology group contributes to teaching at BIO at various levels. The courses where we are heavily involved include Organismal Biology 2 (BIO102), Evolutionary Biology (BIO210), General Parasitology (BIO220), Fisheries Ecology (BIO240), General Behavioural Ecology (BIO241), Biological Data Analysis and Research Design (BIO300), Current Topics in Biodiversity, Evolution and Ecology (BIO301), Methods for Marine Sciences (BIO310), and Fisheries Management (BIO331).

You can find us on the 2nd and 3rd floors of Biologen B. A good opportunity to meet several EvoFishers at one go is the 10am coffee break on the 2nd floor!