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Fish Health Professor Heidrun Wergeland turns 60!



Over the 15 years I have known Heidrun I have been impressed with her organisation, efficacy, commitment to quality, and willingness to try new things. But what perhaps has the most impact for BIO and UiB is the fact that none of her students is unemployed! A degree in Fish Health, the programme she has established and run for over a decade, is a job guarantee.

Heidrun herself was one of the first to become a Professor in Fish Health. She has worked very hard to ensure that Fish Health graduates both at UiB and at the University of Tromsø are legally recognised as health professionals, and have the same right as veterinarians to prescribe medication. Her own research interests involve immune cells and immune systems in salmon, cod and lumpfish. She studies how immune cells respond to attacks by pathogens such as bacteria and viruses.

Heidrun's 60th was celebrated by her colleagues. Bio Department Head, Anders Goksøyr gave a speech recognising Heidrun's long and fruitful contribution to BIO, and particularly to the field of Fish Health.