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CGB Welcomes New Employees and Visitors

We have the pleasure of presenting the following new employees and visitors at the Centre for Geobiology:



Karen Cecilie Johannessen (26) is of 15 January engaged in a 4 year position as research fellow (PhD candidate) in Geobiology under the project “The Emergence of Life on Earth 3+ Billion years ago”. Karen earned her MSc in Geodynamics from the University of Bergen/Department of Earth Sciences in 2012. At the CGB she will be under the supervision of Professor Ingunn Thorseth and researcher Nicola McLoughlin for her PhD work.

Rui Zhao
(24) as of 15 February engaged in a 4 year position as research fellow (PhD candidate) in Geobiology under the research theme Deep Biosphere. Rui holds a Master in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from China University of Geosciences, Wuhan. He has been studying ammonia-oxidizing microorganisms in the Heshang cave, their role in biogeochemical cycles and how they are influenced by long term, elevated concentrations of CO2. Rui has a strong background in geomicrobiology and microbial ecology.

Desiree Roerdink (28) is 1 April engaged in a 9 months position as researcher. Desiree holds a PhD in Archean geology and isotope geochemistry from the Department of Earth Sciences at the Utrecht University (Holland). At the Centre she will mainly be working with the development of an analytical technique for MC-ICP-MS stable sulfur isotope analysis and measurement of sulfur isotopes in modern barite-rich hydrothermal systems as an analogue for barite deposits from the early Earth.

Mª Inês Cruz (35) will be visiting the Centre in April and May as a PhD student. Inês is a PhD student with the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, under the theme: “Hydrothermal prospection in slow and ultra-slow sedimented ridges in the Arctic and North Atlantic”. She holds a Master’s degree in Volcanology and Evaluation of Geological Risks and will be under the supervision of Professor Rolf Birger Pedersen.