Forskerskole i molekylærbiologi og bioinformatikk


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Student event

Young Scientist's Retreat 2014

Get involved in a scientific and social network. The Young Scientists’ Retreat (YSR) is a great opportunity to meet your fellow PhD students and post-docs and to learn about their research in a series of talks and interactive sessions!


Dear fellow PhD students and Post docs,

We are happy to re-announce this year's Young Scientists' Retreat, which will be Thursday March 6, 2014.

The MCB Young scientists' retreat is meant to provide an opportunity to learn more about MCB related research at UiB: Who does What and Where. It is not only about work, but also about socializing and having fun with your peer scientists. The only thing each of us has to do is to sign up before the deadline (except those of you who did sign up already).

All participants are requested to submit an abstract of their work and a short bio - this is for you to have a reference later for all these people you are going to meet there. After the Retreat we will go to Bergen centrum for a nice meal.

The event is free of charge.


Hope to see you there!


Thomas, Katrine, Anne, Ksenia

Student representatives