Biomolekylær lipid interaksjon og funksjon i cellekjernen


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Graduated students related to the Nuclear phosphoinositide signalling-group.


PhD students

Dr Rhian Morgan Jacobsen - graduated Dec 2017

Dr Fatemeh Mazloumi Gavgani - graduated Dec 2017


Master students

Andreas Midlang - graduated June 2021

Elisabeth Johnsen Lind - graduated June 2021

Sindre Hole - graduated Dec. 2021

Malene Skuseth Slinning - graduated June 2020

Shaoor Ahmad Khan - graduated June 2020

Victoria Smith Arnesen - graduated June 2018

"Chimge" Altanchimeg Altankhuyag - graduated February 2016

Diana PRAH -  graduated December 2013

Marianne GORIS -  graduated June 2013

H Kristin GRUNG-BERLE - graduated December 2012

Amanda J EDSON - graduated November 2012

Rhian MORGAN - graduated June 2012

Thomas KARLSSON - graduated December 2011



Katharina Spang - ERASMUS exchange student autumn 2019

Marta Ferre Forcadel - ERASMUS exchange student spring 2016

Lucas PHAM-VAN - ERASMUS exchange student spring 2015

Camila Cimadamore-Werthein bachelor student spring 2015

Jasmin FETTEL - ERASMUS exchange student autumn 2014

Reem S Mohammad Jawad ALMUKH - Guest (Reaktorskole NAV)