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We introduce a new and complete tool in the R package Haplin for power and sample size calculations in genetic association studies, readily applicable to data in MoBa or Harvest. The article is published in BMC Bioinformatics
A new study from the University of Bergen shows that adults from Hordaland that are physically active are at lower risk of dying than others – and that the level of physical activity required for a protective effects is surprisingly low.
In this study we found that more than 70% of students were satisfied with the introductory week and the opportunity it provided for getting to know other students.
A new study recently published in Cancer studied all individuals born in Norway over a 20-year period (1965-1985), and compared those who received a cancer diagnosis before age 25 with those without cancer, with regards to receipt of governmental financial assistance, employment, income- and occupation discrepancies.
In a new study recently published in British Journal of Cancer, scientists at the department of Global Public Health and Primary care studied all males born in Norway during 1965-1985, and compared those diagnosed with cancer before the age of 25 with the cancer-free male references, for analyses on paternity, marriage, and offspring outcomes.
A new study from IGS shows no association between folic acid use before and during pregnancy and the risk of maternal and childhood cancer. The study included more than 430,000 women and 690,000 children in the period 1999-2010, and 3,780 women and 800 children developed cancer. Information on supplement use was obtained from the Medical Birth Registry of Norway.
People born into families in which someone already has cerebral palsy are themselves at elevated risk, depending on their degree of relatedness.
When both parents are old, the risk of cleft palate in the offspring is increased, but not if only one parent is older than 31 years (mothers) or 34 years (fathers).
The prevalence of severe congenital heart defects is increased among newborns of mothers who experienced preeclampsia during pregnancy, especially if the preeclampsia was early onset.
A new study from IGS shows that an overall lower proportion of survivors of cancer diagnosed at young ages (<19 years) completed their education compared with the cancer-free population.
A new publication from the Me-Can (Metabolic Syndrome and Cancer) project, which is a pooled study of seven European cohorts, shows that high levels of a metabolic risk score is related to an overall increased cancer risk. The highest risk increases were seen for renal cell and liver cancer in men, and for endometrial and pancreatic cancer in women. Professor Tone Bjørge is co-author of the paper.
Øystein Ariansen Haaland is co-author of the article "Carotid intima-media thickness - a potential predictor for rupture risk of intracranial aneurysms" published in International Journal of Stroke. Patients with unruptured aneurysms and patients with subarachnoid hemorrhage due to aneurysm rupture were compared in the study. Carotid intima-media thickness was higher in patients with aneurysm... Les mer
Håvard Trønnes and co-authors have published the report ""The association of preterm birth with severe asthma and atopic dermatitis; a national cohort study" i Pediatric Allergy and Immunology. The study reports that preterm birth is associated with an increased risk of asthma, but a decreased risk of atopic dermatitis.
High serum levels of cholesterol reduce the risk of cancer overall, especially among women.
A new study from IGS shows that survivors of cancer in young ages (<25 years) receive social security benefits four times more often than the cancer-free population.
The PhD candidate Sara Ghaderi has recently published an article in Cancer Causes and Control about changes in risk of cancer death among young patients (0-24 years). The results show that the difference in risk of deaths between the cancer patients and the general population has been substantially reduced since 1965.