SIH-CISMAC Forskerskole


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About the Research School

The CIH / CISMAC Research School for International Health is located at the Centre for International Health. CIH has an integrated research training including both the PhD and Master levels.


Title of the Research School:

CIH-CISMAC Research School

The Research School will be attached to (department):

Centre for International Health (CIH)
Centre for Intervention Science in Maternal and Child Health (CISMAC)
Department for Global Public Health and Primary Care (IGS)

Leader of the Research School:

Professor Bente E. Moen

Administrative contact persons:

Ana Lorena Ruano, Howaida Faisal Abdelrahman (BSRS), Elinor Bartle, Daniel Gundersen


All employed scientific personnel at CIH will participate as teachers/supervisors at the research school. The personnel will teach in courses as well as in the weekly research seminars.

In addition, CIH cooperate with supervisors from other parts of IGS, Haukeland University Hospital and other departments at the University of Bergen. Also, CIH have several co-supervisors from the low income countries we cooperate with. These external supervisors are welcome to join the activities at the research school when it is possible, but do not have other responsibilities aside from their supervision task.

Organizational group

Five professor, three postdoctoral fellows and one PhD student will have the primary responsibility of organizing the CIH Research School. At least two of the members in the group should be working with projects in the Centre of Excellence anchored at CIH: CISMAC. The members of the organizational group will sit for two years at the time.

Members in the organization group 

Professors: Sven Gudmund Hinderaker, Bente E. Moen, Ingunn Engebretsen and Ingvild Sandøy 

Postdoctoral fellows: Catherine Schwinter and Victoria Nankabirwa 

PhD Student: (new students will be appointed regularly)


Tasks for the organization group

The scientific organizational group is responsible for

  • the fulfillment of the aims of the CIH research school
  • the programme of PhD-seminars for each semester, including midway evaluations and master presentations
  • chairing the seminars
  • evaluation of / organization of elective PhD courses
  • appointing new supervisors for the students if needed.

The content of the research school

To be a member of the research school means that the student can participate in:

ii) Students at the research school

All PhD candidates at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Bergen who desire to be affiliated to the CIH Research School will be accepted as students. At present 48 PhD candidates are affiliated with CIH.

The research school will also include seminars for master students at CIH, presenting their scientific work. The seminars for the Master students will be chaired by a professor and a PhD student together.

iii) Administrative support

The CIH Research School has administrative support from two persons in the administration at CIH; one responsible for PhD students and one for Master’s (Daniel Gundersen and Linda Karin Forshaw). They will participate in organization group meetings and be responsible for information/email invitations to students about courses and seminars (including midway evaluations) and protocols. In addition, one person at the administration at IGS is responsible for organization of doctoral dissertations.