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The scientific collections of marine invertebrates

Invertebrate collections

Collections of marine invertebrates from Norway and the rest of the world, containing thousands of animals species.

Bilder i fra innsmaling og kuratering av evertebratsamlingen
Katrine Kongshavn, Tom Alvestad, Manuel Malaquias


See our BLOG for ongoing activities in the Invertebrate Collections.

The Invertebrate collections are keeping millions of animal samples that are being used in the exploration, description, and generation og knowledge of zoological diversity. Most of the specimens are tiny and not suitable for public display. They are nevertheless important specimens for an international community of researchers in zoology.

A significant proportion of the collections stem from important expeditions in marine reseach, including "Den norske nordhavsexpedition" (1876-78) and "Michael Sars Expedition 1910". Both were technically innovative in the exploration of deep sea environments and resulted in the descriptions of hundreds of new species. u

Amongst more recent material are large quantities of samples from fjords and near coast waters in the North Atlantic. We are also keeping material from the Mar-Eco project and from ongoing sampling projects of benthic fauna around Africa.