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Members of the Renal Research Group


Renal Research Group: Translational and Clinical Research Staff

  • Rannveig Skrunes, MD, PhD
  • Øystein Solberg Eikrem, MD, PhD
  • Thomas Knoop, MD, PhD
  • Karin Margrethe Hjelle, MD, PhD
  • Kristin Kampevold Larsen, MD, Nephropathologist
  • Lea Landolt, MD, PhD
  • Jessica Furriol Palmer, PhD, senior Bioengineer
  • Dagny Ann Sandnes, Section Bioengineer
  • Philipp Strauss, MD, PhD candidate
  • Hassan Elsaid, MSc, PhD candidate
  • Tarig Osman, BDS, PhD, senior Bioengineer
  • Ole-Petter Nordbø, Msc, PhD candidate
  • August Hoel, MD, PhD candidate
  • Ida Stalund, MD , PhD candidate
  • Nazanin Mola, MSc, PhD candidate.
  • Janka Babickova, MSc, PhD, Postdoctoral fellow
  • Evan Evjen Koch, Medical student, Research student (Forskerlinje)
  • Sigrid Nakken, Medical student, Research student (Forskerlinje)
  • Bjørnar Sandnes Lillefosse, Medical student, Research line student (Forskerlinje)
  • Håvard Mikkelsen, Research student (Forskerlinje)

Renal Research Group: Senior Members

  • Hans-Peter Marti, dr. med. and dr. h.c., Professor of Nephrology, Leader of the Renal Research Group
  • Einar Svarstad, MD, PhD, Professor of Nephrology
  • Bjørn Egil Vikse, MD, PhD, Professor of Nephrology
  • Camilla Tøndel, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Pediatric Nephrology
  • Sabine Leh, MD, PhD, Nephropathologist, Associate Professor of Pathology
  • Ingegjerd Sekse, dr. med, Nephrologist, Department of Medicine
  • Rolf Christiansen, MD, PhD, Nephrologist, Department of Medicine
  • Rune Bjørneklett, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Nephrology
  • Christian Beisland, MD, PhD, Professor of Urology