Styrt vevsbygging og regenerasjon


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Group members

Jørgen Barth

The Tissue Engineering group currently includes 15 staff members, 4 post-doctoral researchers and 12 PhD candidates of different nationalities and backgrounds. We work in close collaboration with partners at the Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen, in addition to several national and international partners from both academia and industry. 


Kamal Mustafa, professor and group leader

Sølve Hellem, professor emeritus

Inge Fristad, professor

Anne Isine Bolstad, professor

Knut N. Leknes, professor

Annika Rosén, professor

Hallvard Vindenes, professor

Trond Inge Berge, professor

Nancy Bletsa, associate professor

Siren Hammer Østvold, overingeniør

Randi Sundfjord, seniorforskningstekniker

Ying Xue, senioringeniør

Kaia Berstad, avdelingsingeniør

Torbjørn Pedersen, research advisor

Shaza Idris, research advisor

Dagmar Bunæs, research advisor

Tarig Osman, researcher


Post-doctoral researchers:

Salwa Suliman

Mohammed Yassin

Ahmad Rashad Saad Mohamed Elsebahy

Niyaz Al-Sharabi

Mohamed Ahmed Samih



Cecilie Gjerde

Maryam Gharaei

Mohamed Abdel-Raouf Abdel-Waha Ali

Siddharth Shanbhag

Espen Helgeland

Mohammed Nageeb

Øyvind Goksøyr

Elisabeth Carlstrøm

Neha Rana

Jannika Paulamäki

Shuntaro Yamada