Hormonlaboratoriets forskningsgruppe


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Obesity and type 2 diabetes are conditions that are increasingly prevalent worldwide. An interdisciplinary cluster for the study of obesity and associated diseases has been established to include experimental, clinical, genetic and epidemiologic studies. Biobanks consisting of fat biopsies, blood and urine samples from obese patients treated with bariatric surgery have been established. The patients are treated at several hospitals in Norway that use different surgical procedures. We also perform dietary intervention studies to study clinical and molecular changes during weight loss.

Our projects are focused on

  1. Study gene expression changes and novel genes in adipose tissue due to weight loss.
  1. Study novel factors in adipocyte development and function
  1. Evaluate alternative dietary strategies for the long-term treatment of obesity and related diseases
  1. Study the role of pro-inflammatory immune cells, in particular Natural Killer (NK) cells, in obesity-related adipose tissue inflammation and systemic insulin resistance
  1. Study human brown adipocytes as a regenerative approach for restoring body weight and glucose homeostasis