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Hearing conservation methodology offshore

This is a pilot project in cooperation with SINTEF and NACRE. The project's main objective is the development of new methods for monitoring noise exposure of workers offshore to prevent hearing damage.


The project was begun in 2006 and is composed of two parts:

-          SINTEF and NACRE has worked with the development of an earplug which can measure your hearing and noise exposure inside the hearing protection.

-          Occupational and Environmental Medicine has studied a new method for sensitive measurement of hearing by using otoacustic emissions.

Our part of the project was conducted in land-based businesses. A garage, an offshore-based industry workplace, an office environment and a brass band were examined to provide us with enough knowledge about this new method to say something about the ability to develop the project further. The project is supported by the Norwegian Research Council and the Norwegian Hydro.


Parent Project Manager (external): Odd Pettersen (SINTEF).

Project manager (internal): Bente E. Moen.

Project members (internal): Ole Jacob Møllerløkken, Nils Magerøy, Magne Bråtveit.







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