Mitochondrial Medicine & Neurogenetics (MMN)


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Invitation - first notice.

This is a short message to let you know that the next Scandomit will be held in Bergen from Wednesday 20th to Friday 22nd January, 2010. Mathias Ziegler, Karl Johan Tronstad and I are responsible for arranging the meeting. Laurence Bindoff



We plan to start sessions around noon on Wednesday 20th and finish around lunchtime on Friday22th.



Since we do not yet know how many will attend, the sooner you register an interest the better. At present I have an arrangement with the hotel that gives us 90 places that can be possibly be extended. This may still mean we will have to limit numbers!


As previously, the focus will be on graduate students and post-docs presenting work, but we want at least 2 invited speakers, hopefully more.



To ensure that everyone gets to know about the meeting I would ask that the group leaders disseminate the details.



To enable us to construct a programme, I would ask that you send us a title of the planned talk within 6 weeks (deadline 31 October 2009). If there are more interested participants that we have places for, I will ask that the group leaders help choose who gets to present and ultimately who gets to come.


Financing, fees.

Financially, I have a grant from the University of Bergen to run the meeting. We are also applying for other funding. Once we know how many are coming and the invited speakers requirements, there may well be money left to help cover some of the expenses. We feel that this should be used to encourage students to attend and would hope that group leaders/grant holders would pay for themselves.


The price for the meeting is currently 3200NOK (shared room) 3700NOK single room. This covers meeting facilities, room, food. These figures are based on 2009 prices and may increase slightly.


Please register by e-mail to Laurence Bindoff