Forskningsgruppe i fysioterapi


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EU 7th Framework Programme: COST - Action

The Research Groups for General Practice and Physiotherapy at the Department of Public Health and Primary Health Care are represented in the EU’s research network COST - Action, dedicated to the issue: “Assessment of Pain in Patients with Impaired Cognition, especially Dementia”.


Bettina Husebø and Liv Inger Strand are the Norwegian delegates in the steering committee and leader for the working group WG 1- Psychometrics and Algesimetry.

COST had its constitutive meeting on the 23rd of May this year in Brussels. The network consists of delegates from Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Romania, Netherlands, Belgium, England, Denmark, Israel and Norway.

A key purpose for the network will be to develop a common assessment tool for the registration of pain in cognitively impaired persons, especially persons with dementia during the next four years. This assessment tool will be tested in the different countries. The group will arrange national and international congresses and summer schools for PhD - candidates. Interested researchers are welcome to make contact.