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The predictive validity of the Örebro Musculoskeletal Pain Questionnaire (ÖMPQ) and the clinicians prognostic assessment

In a new publication based on master theses, the predictive validity of ÖMPQ was compared with the clinicians prognostic assessment of pain and functional outcome after 8 weeks of manual therapy treatment.


For LBP patients, the ÖMPQ and the clinicians' prognostic assessment contributed significantly in the prediction of functional outcome 8 weeks after the initial assessment of manual therapist, whereas the prediction for neck patients was unsure.

H. Dagfinrud, K. Storheim, L.H. Magnussen, T. Ødegaard, I. Hoftaniska, L.G. Larsen, P.O. Ringstad, F. Hatlebrekke, M. Grotle

Published online in Manual Therapy 24 September 2012

Read abstract: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1356689X12001865