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The World Diabetes Day November 14

The World Diabetes Day is approved and recognized by the UN as an international day of commemoration of diabetes. Through The World Diabetes Day, diabetes gets the attention it deserves as one of the greatest epidemics of our time.


Today, 371 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes. It is expected that 500 million have diabetes by 2030. This epidemic increase in diabetes worldwide was one of the reasons that The World Diabetes Day was declared international by the UN in 2006. The 14th November each year, there is an international effort to put diabetes on the agenda.

Blue has become the international color for this diabetes day, and many places in the world are bathing in blue light buildings on 14th of November.

KG Jebsen Center for Diabetes Research marks the day by wearing pins with a blue ring. It is also the day of Dr. Erling Tjora´s trial lecture " Diabetes Type 3". This is held in Auditorium 1 , BB Building, the University of Bergen, Jonas Liesvei 91, Haukeland University Hospital.