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Cancer research with nanotechnology

Professor James Lorens and his group use nanotechnology to study tissue production and cancer development.


Professor James Lorens and his group at the Department of Biomedicine utilize nanotechnology in their research programme that includes studies on what is required to produce new blood vessels and also to gain an understanding of the molecular mechanisms that guide the development of cancer.

Lorens and his group use nanotechnology in their studies designed to promote cells to produce blood vessels, both in and outside the body. Later in their programme of research they will use the knowledge gained in order to study mechanisms at the molecular level that are involved in the process of how a cancer further develops.

Biomedical research is currently strongly geared to promote cells to produce new tissue. All tissue though requires a blood supply to be able to survive.

It is important that an increasing number of biologists and biomedical research workers adopt nanotechnology in their studies directed to gaining a better understanding of molecular mechanisms that govern the development of disease states, says Lorens.

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