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PhD disputation via Skype

The ash clouds and air traffic chaos called for improvisation

PhD disputation April 23 2010 Markus Nottrott
PhD disputation April 23 2010 Markus Nottrott


On April 23 2010 Markus Nottrott (orthopedic surgeon, second from the right) defended his thesis on acrylic bone cements, being examined by the first opponent in Germany via Skype. The evaluation committee consisted of Klaus-Dieter Kühn (Heraeus Medical GmbH, Germany - on the screen), Arne Ekeland (Martina Hansen's Hospital, Bærum - far left), Kari Indrekvam (Kysthospitalet i Hagevik/UiB). Leiv Hove (Department of Surgical Sciences/UiB, far right) was acting dean.

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