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PhD On Track

PhD on Track is a resource for PhD students who are beginning their research career, and who want to learn more about information- and literature for research purposes, and about how to publish research.


PhD on Track is divided into three modules:

Review and discover. In this module basic principles and techniques for mapping literature and sources for your research are explained. Reference management systems are also suggested. By familiarizing yourself with available tools, techniques and methods for literature searching and referencing you will enhance both the efficiency and quality of your workflow.

Share and publish. In this module the publishing process is addressed. The steps involved in traditional article submissions and peer-review processes are explained, as well as copyright issues. Further, the model of Open Access publishing is introduced. Making informed decisions about where and how to publish increases the chances of getting your work published and disseminated.

Evaluation and Ranking. In this module an overview is given of how research quality is measured for funding purposes in the Danish and Norwegian systems. As a publishing researcher, you will need knowledge about how different publications are ranked by authorities and institutions.

The selection of topics under each heading is based on findings from a study of PhD candidates’ interaction with information in research processes. PhD on Track and the study of PhD students’ interaction with information and literature are the products of a joint project involving the university libraries in Oslo, Bergen and Aalborg, the NHH library and the Bergen University College Library. The project received development funding from the National Library of Norway.