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Norwegian Bank Account

Check out several banks - the conditions for opening an account and cost of having an account varies.


Opening an account

Different banks have different rules for opening a bank account. Some banks may ask to see a work contract or something similar before they will let you open an account, while others just want an id.number. Some accept D-number, while other demands the permanent id.number. It also varies how much information they have available in English.

Banks also have different prices on their services etc. - so it can be worthwhile to spend some time checking several banks.

D-number and bank account

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Credit cards

Many banks may be reluctant to give you any credit cards in the beginning since you don´t have a credit history in Norway. But the corporate credit card you can apply for as an employee of the university, you should be able to receive without any delay.

Bank-Id and Biometric passports

In order to get a bank id, the banks requires that you have a biometric passport.

Alternative to Bank-ID

Buypass can be an alternative for bank-id and it does not require a biometric passport, but it is not a free of charge. 

Read more: https://www.buypass.com/end-user/buypass-id

No bank account 

Employees at UiB who cannot open a bank account on commencement of employment should talk to their department in order to find a solution so they can receive a salary. Some may be able to use their foreign bank account.