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Guidance for applicants to the Bergen University Fund


What can you apply for funding to?

It is possible to apply for funding from the Bergen University Fund for projects that disseminate and publish research results and for support in hosting academic conferences, workshops etc. in the time frame 01.04.2015 – 31.03.2016. One may also apply for support to prepare an academic conference that will be held after 31.03.2016.

Please note that the Fund does not award support to research projects.

Expenditures that are normally covered from other sources, also including expenses that are normally covered by conference fees etc., cannot be covered by the Fund. 

It is normally not possible to apply for the covering of one’s own salary in connection with writing articles, books etc. For applications of economic support for publications, it is an advantage that the applicant additionally has applied to The Research Council of Norway’s programs, in the areas of study where such support is available. Support for the publication of Ph.D. dissertations is the purview of departments and faculties and is not supported by the Fund.

Who is eligible to apply?

The applicant may be an individual, a research group or a department/centre at the University of Bergen or part of the University Research Foundation of Bergen. The project must be an integrated part of the department’s activities at which the project is to be embedded. Departments will therefore receive a copy of the application after the deadline.

Project Manager

The project must have one (1) project manager. The project manager is responsible for the academic progress and completion of the project and is also its official contact. An application should contain a short summary of the project manager’s CV focusing on his or her research of the past 4 years (should not exceed 300 words) in addition to information about the research manager’s most important academic publications of the last 4 years (up to 10 references).

Administrative Responsibility

The project must have one (1) administrative manager. This should be either the head of department or the head of administration at the applicant’s department or administrative unit. The applicant is responsible for ensuring that the project can be integrated into the research activities of the administrative department(s) at which the project is to be embedded. The department/administrative unit will therefore receive a copy of the application after the deadline.

Project abstract

Offer a short description of the project that funding is being sought for. Note that the number of words that can be added here is limited to about 500. If the project, conference etc. has a website, this should be added at the end of the abstract.

Concerning budgeting for dissemination of research, publications, conferences, workshops etc.

Enclose a budget of major posts. If necessary, provide short comments in the space under the table. If the application concerns salary funding, expenses for social activities, holiday pay etc. are to be included. University of Bergen staff can check updated templates on www.uib.no/en/foremployees
The contribution margin (“dekningsbidrag”) is to be included in the proposed budget

Deadline – Handing in the Application

Remember to upload the application when it is completed, by 1 December.

Evaluation of Applications

The University Fund does not send out confirmations for applications they have received. The status of an application can be found on the main site of the application website. The Fund does not send out letters of rejection. If your application is successful, you will receive a letter of acceptance. The Board of Funds and Grants at the University of Bergen usually completes the awarding process in connection with the awarding of the Meltzer Research Fund, 8. March annually.  A copy of the letter of acceptance will be sent to your department/administrative unit and faculty. The awarded funds will also be published on the Funds home page.

Questions and Inquiries

Questions concerning the completion of the application form, the application process etc. can be directed to the University Director’s Office, case officer Bente Krossøy (bente.krossoy@adm.uib.no).