Bergen Cancer Imaging forskningsgruppe (BCIRG)


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Projects led by professor Rørvik

Current projects

mpMRI prostate show a tumor in the right prostate
mpMRI prostate show a tumor in the right prostate.
Bergen Abdominal Imaging Research group


Projects led by Professor Jarle Rørvik

  1. Towards clinical application of MR renography – Optimization of technical performance and evaluation of clinical feasibility. PhD student Eli Eikefjord
  2. Multiparametric MR (mpMR) in localised prostate cancer. PhD student Lars Reisæter.
  3. Application of multiparametric MR imaging, pattern recognition and machine learning in prostate cancer diagnosis and follow-up. Postdoc Are Losnegård.
  4. Quantitative assessment of kidney function using dynamic contrast enhanced MRI – a trans-disciplinary project. Researcher Erling Andersen (MR-physicist).