Bergen Cancer Imaging forskningsgruppe (BCIRG)


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Projects led by professor Haldorsen

Current projects

Selection of images of imaging for Haldorsen's projects.
Haldorsen, BAIRG


Projects led by Professor Haldorsen

  1. Functional imaging for individualized cancer treatment

Two Ph.D. students (Jenny Husby and Sigmund Ytre-Hauge) and one postdoc (Njål Brekke) are involved in preclinical and clinical imaging studies of uterine cancers. Furthermore, >15 PhD students, postdocs and senior researchers at Bergen Gynecologic Cancer Research Group (led by professor Salvesen) are involved in the collection of preclinical and clinical patient data and in the histologic characterization of tumor tissue with molecular profiling, all being highly relevant for the imaging studies performed.

  1. Novel pancreatic imaging in patients with exocrine pancreatic dysfunction

Building on a long term collaboration with KJ Jebsen Center for Diabetes Research, one Ph.D. student (Gaute Wathle) works with an extensive characterization of functional pancreatic imaging findings in patients with maturity onset diabetes of the young (MODY), chronic pancreatitis and cystic fibrosis. Patients are genetically characterized by researchers at KJ Jebsen Center for Diabetes Research (led by professor Njølstad). Clinical and biochemical patient data is also collected in parallel by researchers at Dep. of Medicine (led by assoc. prof. Dimcevski), Haukeland University Hospital.