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Pregnancy, Birth and Adoption

Information regarding health care, benefits, citizenship and certified copy of Norwegian birth certificate.



The brochure on pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period in Norway provides practical and detailed information about many aspects of this event.

Many people prefer to use their regular GP for pregnancy check-ups, but you can also get this service for free at a health station from a midwife and a doctor. More information about pregnancy and health stations in Bergen (in Norwegian).

If you have recently arrived and do not have a Norwegian ID number ( you are pregnant and/or have young children 0-5 yrs)  you can go in person at the health station and get an appointment for check-ups.

Pregnancy Benefits

Pregnancy benefits are given to pregnant women who cannot continue working due to medical reasons. NAV has more information: www.nav.no


Parental Benefits After giving Birth or Adoption

You can find information from NAV about parental benefits after giving birth or adoption and other benefits on: www.nav.no


Norwegian Citizenship?

UDI has information on rules regarding citizenship.


Certified Copy of Birth Certificate

The rules for getting a passport for a child who is born abroad are not the same in every country. You should check with your authorities what rules apply in your case. In case you need certified copies of the birth certificate, here is the information of how you can get that in Bergen:

Notarius publicus in Bergen: Information in Norwegian - or contact Bergen Tingrett: www.domstol.no/bergen

Apostill stamp: Information in Norwegian - you can contact the County Governor  (Fylkesmannen i Hordaland)  for information on how to get this stamp.