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School Children

Compulsory primary and lower secondary schooling in Norway lasts for ten years and children start school the year they become six.


School Admission

For admission to primary and secondary school, you should contact the school directly. Basically the rule for primary school going children is that they attend school closer to  home. There are options if you want the child to go to a private school.

The issue of language training should be addressed early in the process in order to find the best possible language training that can be offered in each case. Learning Norwegian is important, but some  pupils may also have the right to mother tongue education and/or bilingual teaching.

All children have the duty to primary education, and the right to get their education in the public (municipal) school they belong to (usually the school closest to where they live). Children may also receive this training through;

a) parents or guardians who take responsibility for the training under municipal supervision.      

b) admission to a private elementary school approved by the Ministry for Private School Act.

Change of Public School

It is an established practice in many municipalities that pupils may move to another school than their local school when there is a good  reason for this. In most municipalities, it is common that such applications will be met as long as there is space available at the requested school.


Public Schools

A list of public schools in Bergen


Private Schools in Bergen:
The International School of Bergen.
St.Paul´s Catholic school
The Rudolf Steiner´s School in Bergen
The Montessori Society in Bergen


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