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Family Economy and Counselling

The family policy in Norway is supported by different economic and social instruments. This is by far an exhaustive list, but to provide you with information about some of the important schemes.


Standard Budget
To get an idea of how much it costs to live in Norway, take a look at  the Standard Budget. Using this tool it is possible to calculate what costs to expect for different types of households. The National Institute for Consumer Research is responsible for the Standard Budget.


Financial Support - Benefits and Allowances for Families with Children

During pregnancy and after child birth or adoption there are several types of financial support for families. Read more about it at www.newinnorway.no


Tax and Families with Children
Documented expenses for care of children under 12 years can be deducted from your tax. Contact the tax office for more information.
If you are providing for a spouse, living in Norawy or abroad, you may claim tax class 2 instead of 1. Contact the tax office for more information or read more here.


Family Counselling
Sometimes couples or families can benefit from using professional help solving serious conflicts and family related problems. There is a public family counselling service and probably some of the religious communities offer some sort of assistance for families as well.