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The Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen presents...

Ivan Mladenov: Conceptualizing Peirce

Professor Ivan Mladenov from the Institute for Literature, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia is currently visiting the Wittgenstein Archives in Bergen and will give a guest lecture on Peirce. Open for all!



"After the rediscovery of the work of the American philosopher and polymath, Charles S. Peirce (1839 – 1914) there has been a renascence of semiotics understood as logic of science. Yet, Peirce’s systematic philosophy consists of a number of distinct but interrelated theories and doctrines and among the most characteristic of them is not only semiotics but also pragmatism, fallibilism and evolutionary cosmology. Pragmatism emerged in the early 1870-s as a doctrine of meaning. In its heart lies the abductive method outlined by Peirce as a method for determining the meaning of the philosophical and scientific terms. The proposed presentation is going to focus on the outlined topics: Peirce’s philosophy in general, his “semeiotic”, pragmatism and pragmaticism, clarification of ideas and evolutionary cosmology in a “nutshell”."