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MSc project

On the use of vertically averaged models to simulate CO2 migration in a layered saline aquifer, 2010

Bassel El Faour


Advisors: Helge Dahle, Jan M. Nordbotten

Short description of project:

We consider the long-term fate and migration of a large CO2 plume that takes place in a heterogeneous (two-layer) sloping saline aquifer. We consider a vertical equilibrium (VE) mathematical model to study the effect of two different permeability layers on the shape, speed and migrated distance of the CO2 plume. We also study the effect the thickness ratio of the lower permeability(h=H/2, h=H/4, h=H/8), where H is the thickness of the aquifer. We attain these goals by comparing the simulation results of Eclipse and VE simulators, where both simulate the movement of CO2 plume in homogeneous and layered aquifers.

Link to thesis at BORA-UiB: Link