Forskerskolen i klinisk medisin


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Network Lunch October 7th

You think there is no such thing as a free lunch? Well, there is... and it includes exiting scientific presentations as well! Remember to sign up:)



This is an invitation to the Bergen Postgraduate School of Clinical Medical research (Forskerskolen I Klinisk Medisin) Networking Luncheon. All PhD candidates are welcome to participate. We have two candidates presenting their research this time. 
  1. Kristin Marie Knudsen-Baas, PhD candidate. 
    Title: Anti-epileptic treatment in glioma, a Norwegian population-based study. BERG (Bergen epilepsy research group)

  2. Hildur Skuladottir, PhD candidate.
    Title:  First-trimester corticosteroid use and the risk of oral clefts.  Department of Plastic Surgery, Haukeland University Hospital.
 Time: Tuesday October 7th 2014, at 11.30. Place: Conference room (109F, vis-a-vis the auditoriums), BBB
After the presentations we serve a delicious lunch (free of charge).
Please send me an e-mail if you are interested in participating: hildur.skuladottir@gmail.com.
Best regards,
Hildur Skuladottir
On behalf of the Networking Committee