Kinesisk-nordisk nettverk for velferdsforskning


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Participating insitutions and scholars


SNoW is open for participation in activities for all Nordic and Chinese scholars at institutions of higher education and/or research in the broad field of “welfare research”. The network is cross-disciplinary. Main activities are PhD courses; seminars/workshops/conferences – and eventual publications emanating from such events; mobility; and publication of a quarterly newsletter (see “Activities” and “Newsletter”).

As of 2015, scholars, including PhD fellows, from the following institutions in China and the Nordic countries have participated:

Fudan University;
East China Normal University, Shanghai;
Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences;
Zhejiang University;
Sun Yat-sen University;
Peking University;
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences;
Beijing Normal University;
Renmin University, Beijing;
City University of Hong Kong;
Chinese University of Hong Kong;
Hong Kong Institute of Education; 
National University of Mongolia;
University of Bergen;
Uni Research Rokkan Centre, Bergen;
Fafo Institute for Labour and Social Research, Oslo;
Norwegian Social Research, Oslo;
University of Oslo;
Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences;
Lillehammer University College;
University of Iceland;
Lund University;
Institute for Future Studies, Stockholm;
Stockholm University;
Aalborg University;
University of Southern Denmark;
University of Helsinki;
University of Tampere;
University of Jyväskylä;
Seoul National University, South Korea;
University of Saskatchewan, Canada