Kinesisk-nordisk nettverk for velferdsforskning


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Core Steering Group:

Project leader:

Stein Kuhnle, University of Bergen (stein.kuhnle@uib.no)


Pauli Kettunen, University of Helsinki (pauli.kettunen@helsinki.fi)
Åsa Lundqvist, Lund University (asa.lundqvist@soc.lu.se)
Klaus Petersen, University of Southern Denmark (klaus.petersen@sdu.dk)

Editors, SNoW Newsletter (published quarterly 2013-2016)

Stein Kuhnle, University of Bergen (stein.kuhnle@isp.uib.no)
Ren Yuan, Fudan University (yren@fudan.edu.cn)

Editorial assistant:
Murphy Chen, Nordic Centre, Fudan University (murphy@nordiccentre.net)

Extended Steering Group:


Lin Ka, Zhejiang University (ka_lin_2004@aliyun.com)
Ngok, Kinglun, Sun Yat-sen University (klngok@126.com)
Pan Yi, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (panyi@cass.org.cn)
Ren Yuan, Fudan University (yren@fudan.edu.cn
Peng Xizhe, Fudan University (xzpeng@fudan.edu.cn)
Rolf Rønning, Lillehammer University College (rolf.ronning@hil.no)
Wang Zhikai, Zhejiang University (wangzhikai@zju.edu.cn)
Xiong Yuegen, Peking University (yxiong@pku.edu.cn)
Peng Huamin, Nanjing University (penghm@nju.edu.cn