Kinesisk-nordisk nettverk for velferdsforskning


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Here you can read or download the newsletters published by the SNoW network. Just click on the title of the newsletter you want to read.


1st issue / volume 2 (published March 2014)

• SNoW book launch and seminar
• SNoW 2014 conference
• Nordic books on welfare
• Upcoming events
• New publications on Chinese welfare
• MSc programme


2nd issue / volume 2 (published June 2014)

• SNoW conference 2014 call for papers
• Report on SNoW book launch
• Contents of SNoW book
• Introductory chapter of SNoW book


3rd issue / volume 2 (published September 2014)
• Research note
• News on SNoW activities
• Book presentation
• Book review


4th issue / Volume 2 (published Descember 2014)

• CASS Conference announcement
• Report on SNoW Conference
• News from Norden
• News from China