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Agreement relating to admission to PhD program

Admission is formalized in a written agreement within the framework of the standard agreement for admission approved by the University Board.


Agreement shall be written within one month, after the firm offer of admission is made known to the candidate. 


Agreement form with instructions can be found here.

The agreement is entered between the candidate, supervisords, the department and the faculty the candidate is affilitated to, and specify the mutual rights and obligations. The agreement will guarantee that the candidate participates regularly in an active research and facilitate that the research training can be completed on time.

The agreement shall be signed by the candidate, the Head of Department, supervisors and sent to the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry for signature by the Vice-Dean for research. Faculty save the original agreement, and send copies to all involved.


Part A: General part

  • Formal agreement between the candidate, department and faculty.


Part B: Agreement relating to professional supervision

  • Agreement between the candidate and the supervisors
  • If the doctoral work includes several academic community/departments, the agreement shall specify the allocation of credit between them.


Part C: Agreement between external institutions

  • Agreement between the candidate, faculty and external institutions
  • For candidates with external funding and/or external workplace
  • For candidates not funded by the Norwegian Research Council, Helse Bergen, Helse Vest or the Cancer Society.