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Staff Mobility Week 2015

SMW-15 started Monday 18.of May and ended Friday 22. of May 2015.

By night, Bryggen with lights on is reflected in the sea.
The world hertige listed Bryggen in Bergen by night, reflected in the fjord.


This was the sixth time we offered SMW. We were happy to welcome 52 international colleagues for an interesting and exciting week at the University of Bergen.

SMW-15 offered five different thematic groups:

  • Communication
  • International HR
  • IT
  • Study administration: Breaking down Erasmus+
  • University library

    See further down for more information about the different programmes. 

Vice Rector Anne Christine Johannessen held the welcoming speech. 
Leader of the Education and Public Outreach Group at the Birkeland Centre for Space Science, Arve Aksnes held the presentation; "How is Earth coupled to Space?"

From Bergen, we travelled west by bus for the SMW-15 excursion on Wednesday. We stopped at the Costal Museum in Øygarden for an experience of costal culture from the Stone Age to the Oil Age. After lunch, the ketch Loyal arrived to bring us back to Bergen.

The SMW-15 dinner was held at the Old Bergen Museum on Thursday night, and the SMW-15 ended after lunch on Friday.