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AAAS Fellow

Hilary Birks elected AAAS Fellow

Hilary Birks, Professor Emerita in EECRG, has been elected a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Hilary Birks outside the Biology building, University of Bergen
Hilary Birks
Gudrun Sylte

She is being honoured for "extraordinary contributions to Quaternary palaeoecology, particularly in reconstructing landscapes across the periglacial northern hemisphere based on pollen and plant macrofossil assemblages".

It is great to see Hilary's meticulous work being given recognition.

Hilary is only the third person based in Norway to be elected a Fellow of the AAAS; the other two are Edvard Moser (NTNU) and Per Andersen (Oslo).

Congratulations Hilary!