Bergen senter for etikk og prioritering (BCEPS)


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ToT ME Ethiopia

ToT ME Ethiopia

Training of trainers in medical ethics (ToT ME) in Ethiopia


Main objective:

Working with medical ethics can be viewed as part of the quality improvement work within the health system. To meet patients and their next of kin with respect, to handle cases with unclear good solutions, to make decisions on other peoples behalf, enforce continuous learning and debates and is an important part of being good and trustworthy health personnel. To facilitate the individual doctor, nurse, department, clinic or hospital in this important task, all actors must meet and discuss how to progress on this together. The main objective of this course is, thus, to increase ethical reflection among clinicians.


More than 20 faculty members from the college have been recruited. They are receiving three years training, in six rounds, on medical ethics. It is envisioned that this group will shoulder the responsibility of training other faculty members of the college as well as medical students in the future. So far five modules have been facilitated (see attached plan for curriculum and schedules).


International leading experts have been lecturing together with local lecturers.