Forskerskolen i klinisk medisin


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Research from Haukeland in the Media

From "Bergensavisen" (BA) 30.01.15: Forskning fra Forskerskolen på Haukeland: Renholdsarbeidere utsatt for astma og kols

øistein svanes


The research presentations from 2014 were a great success. BA visited and interviewed Øystein Svanes about his research on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in personnel working as cleaners. In the article, which is in norwegian, Svanes says that "to work as a cleaner involve increased risk for respiratory diseases".

Svanes is himself not surprised with the findings, but hope that the study will help reduce the incidence of respiratory diseases in people working as cleaners.

A short version of the paper article can be read at vest24.no by clicking here