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Retreat in Ustaoset

Young Microbiologists Organize Retreat in Ustaoset

Young microbiologists enjoyed a couple of days in Ustaoset in the beginning of February to engange in interesting research discussions and make use of great skiing conditions.

Young microbiologists infront of Ottesheimen
Bernadette Pree


From February 2nd to 3rd, enthusiastic scientists comprising the 'younger' generation of the Marine Microbiology Group arranged a successful retreat in lovely Ottesheimen, the University cabin in Ustaoset located half way between Bergen and Oslo.

The weather was brilliant, and although cross-country skiing was part of the daily program (for new-beginners and experienced people the like), it didn't keep the group of 6 from conducting interesting presentations and discussions around their own research as well as reviews of recent interesting studies within a broader context of marine microbiology. The group even had to drop the sauna in the end because it had turned itself off again and cooled down during  unstoppable research discussions lasting until midnight…

Thanks for a great retreat and the support from the 'older' generation :), we hope this was the start of another great group tradition.