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New book-chapter from Per Lægreid

Per Lægreid has contributed with a chapter in Public Administration.


Sage Publication Ltd describes Public Administation:

"This new six- volume collection brings together a number of the major statements in the literature surrounding public administration and its role in government. Public administration is essential to the effective functioning of governments, as it involves not only implementing public policies but also providing policy advice to political leaders. While the recent emphasis on public management in the academic literature, as well as in the “real world” of governing, has tended to de-emphasize the significance of public administration, this collection examines the vital importance of the public bureaucracy in producing public services and in serving the public. Efficiency is not the only important value for public administration.  Service, effectiveness, responsiveness, probity and accountability are equally as crucial.

The readings in this major work cover the wide array of topics in public administration, blending classics in the field with more recent scholarship. Comparative in its approach, this collection is designed for both academics and practitioners across the world.

Volume One:  Fundamental Issues in Public Administration

Volume Two:  People In Public Administration

Volume Three:  The Political Role of Public Administration

Volume Four:  Implementation and Service Provision

Volume Five:  Bureaucracy in Particular Settings.

Volume Six:  Accountability and Control"


Per Lægreid has contributed with a chapter in volume two called "Top Civil Servants under Contract".