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Master Thesis

There are several available master thesis projects in the research areas of transcriptomics and comparative genomics. Students who would like to expand their knowledge in genomics, biology and computational biology should apply. In particular students with:

  • math/computer science background and with a desire to learn some biology, and apply computational techniques to biological data.
  • experimental biology background and some familiarity with programming, interested in learning bioinformatics.


We welcome postdocs and visitors to come and work with us. Desirable qualities are strong quantitative skills (e.g. a background in computational science, physics or mathematics) and willingness to deal with messy biological data, or well documented laboratory skills and a basic knowledge of programming with a desire to learn and develop methods for analysis (including statistics and visualization) of high-throughput data. You should be prepared to apply for your own funding.

PhD students

Any openings will be advertised when available.

For more information, send a brief email including your CV to David Fredman [first.last[at]uib.no]