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New article from Marit Skivenes og Katrin Križ in Child & Family Social Work.

Marit Skivenes og Katrin Križ have published the article " Child welfare workers' pern's participation: a comparative study of England, Norway and the USA (California)" in Child & Family Social Work.



This paper examines how child welfare workers in England, Norway and the USA (California) perceive children's participation building on 91 qualitative interviews. First, analysing the data using Hart's ladder of children's participation, we found that all Norwegian workers perceived children's participation as some form of decision-making, whereas 40% of English and 35% of US workers embraced views of children's participation that can be considered token or non-participation. Second, we coded the data for main themes and found that child welfare workers in all three countries perceived children's participation as hearing the child's opinion and information gathering. The themes of age, maturity and ability to form an opinion also emerged from the data. English workers' reflections about children's participation were more nuanced than their Norwegian and US counterparts; and US workers understood children's participation as children providing valuable information during the investigation of a case more frequently than workers in England and Norway. We discuss the implications of these findings on future research.

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