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NRC supports the NOR-Openscreen infrastructure initiative

The Biorecognition group at the Department of Biomedicine represents one of the four nodes in the new NOR-Openscreen infrastructure. The infrastructure will support the discovery of biologically active substances in all areas of the Life Sciences by providing transnational, open access to the most advanced technologies, chemical and biological resources as well as expertise through Europe.

NOR Openscreen
NOR Openscreen


The Norwegian Research Council today published the results of its latest call for new research infrastructures under the National Infrastructure program. In total 1.3 billion NOK is allocated to new infrastructure investments. One of the applications invited for contract negotiations is NOR-OPENSCREEN (www.openscreen.no), a distributed infrastructure for chemical biology and marine bioprospecting with the Universities of Oslo, Tromsø, Bergen and SINTEF (Trondheim) as partners. The infrastructure is a national network of four screening platforms that are already operative and where investments will ensure that the platforms stays abreast of new technology developments and can deliver cutting-edge services, will bring NOR-OPENSCREEN to the level of a national infrastructure and where NOR-OPENSCREEN will constitute the Norwegian node in the European level infrastructure (ESFRI) EU-OPENSCREEN.

 "This will be a major leap forward for Norwegian chemical biology and marine bioprospecting" says Biotechnology Centre / NCMM Director Professor Kjetil Taskén, UiO that heads the initiative in a comment. Professor Aurora Martinez heading the UiB node says “This grant will allow the installation of long awaited infrastructure in Norway, necessary for high quality research and for sustained innovation and discovery in medicinal chemistry.

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