Risk assessment

Risk assessment is a systematic review of what might cause undesirable incidents and what consequences these may have for the working environment. A risk assessment must also identify measures that form a basis for reducing risk.


Good planning is an important part of the risk assessment.

Good planning of the risk assessment will make the work easier later.

The planning consists of:

  • Problem definition: Formulate a clear purpose for the risk assessment.
  • Information gathering and organisation: Clarifies what resources are needed (time, people), the assumptions and demarcations of the risk assessment. A risk assessment is performed by a work group. How should the result (risk pattern) be presented?
  • Choice of method: The methods can be looked upon as different types of tools. Feel free to use different methods in the same risk assessment. For example, a general review can be performed before using a more detailed method later in the process. In CIM there are 3 different methods to choose between (rough analysis, simplified analysis and full analysis). Outside this system, there are many other methods that can be used.