Ekstremofiler og bioteknologi


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Lianna Poghosyan has completed her Master degree in microbiology

Lianna Poghosyan completed her Master degree in microbiology in May 2015 on a study of microbial diversity in Armenian geothermal environments. Congratulations!


Lianna Poghosyan has performed her work on extremophilic microbes thriving in hot and hostile geothermal springs in Armenia using both isolation techniques as well as genomic and metagenomic studies. She has isolated several novel and interesting extremophiles, e.g. a novel spirochaet species degrading xylan at high temperature. This isolate has biotechnological potential. Lianna was sponsored by the Quota Scheme and did her studies within the framework of a Eurasia-funded project on collaboration between Armenia and Norway in higher education and research in microbiology.