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BBB and CCBIO Seminar

BBB and CCBIO Seminar: Matthew G. Krebs

Title: 'Circulating biomarkers in early phase drug development for lung cancer’


Matthew G. Krebs, Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology Group, Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute, University of Manchester, UK.

Title: 'Circulating biomarkers in early phase drug development for lung cancer


The modern oncology focus on precision medicine alongside increasing need to understand tumour heterogeneity, tumour evolution and resistance mechanisms, calls for novel approaches to tumour monitoring and characterisation. Biopsies remain the gold standard means for tumour profiling but they are invasive, sample only a single area of tumour and are often challenging to obtain serially during the course of a patient’s disease. Circulating biomarkers may bypass some of these limitations but bring challenges of their own, not least in performing molecular profiling on small amounts of material.

This talk will focus on Manchester’s experience of circulating tumour cells and cell-free DNA in lung cancer. Specifically it will be discussed how these assays may be applied in the setting of early phase drug development as predictive, pharmacodynamic and resistance biomarkers and as a research tool to understand more about the biology of disease to guide future drug targets and combinations. It will also be discussed how circulating biomarkers are starting to be used in routine clinical practice to guide standard-of-care treatment decisions and selection of patients to early phase clinical trials. 


Part of the R&D Network meeting

This is also keynote lecture at the R&D Network meeting Cancer biomarkers and targeted therapy. See the complete program here. You are welcome to register for the complete R&D Network meeting if you wish to attend more than the keynote lecture, or wish to join in on the networking session with tapas. Please note that registration deadline for the complete R&D Network meeting is October 13th.