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Students flock to the University of Bergen’s initiative on Renewable Energy

Students collaborating


The Geophysical Institute is responsible for a two-year master’s programme in energy in collaboration with the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. This year the programme received as much as 185 first priority applicants for its two study specialisations; respectively 102 for energy technology and 83 for renewable energy. The total number of applicants (including second and third priority applications) was 419, an increase of over 700 % since the start of the programme in 2012.

A new integrated master’s programme in energy starts this fall. This five year programme gives a sound technical competency within natural sciences and deep insight into various energy resources, how they are transformed and used. The programme received 66 first priority applications for its 15 planned available places.

The educations offered on energy are a part of the University of Bergen’s initiative on climate and energy transition. Based on the number of applicants, it seems safe to say that students find this initiative highly attractive.