How to apply for exchange

Your step-by-step guide on how to apply for exchange to the University of Bergen (UiB).


Next steps


You have finished your application at Søknadsweb, so what's next?

Please familiarise yourself with the information at this webpage after completing your application.

Admission and Letter of Acceptance


Your application will be processed and assessed by the relevant faculty and department at UIB after the application deadline.

Letter of Acceptance

The Letters of Acceptance will be published at Søknadsweb by 30 November.

You will be notified by email when your letter has been published.

"Under consideration"

The status of your application will be set to Under consideration at Søknadsweb until we have finished the assessment process and you are requested to accept the offer of admission.

Accept the offer of admission

After the assessment process is completed, you will be requested to accept/decline the offer of admission given by UiB. 

  • Notification of admission will be given by email.
  • Confirmation of acceptance/decline must be done in Søknadsweb by 5 December.
  • You can safely accept the offer even if you do not know if you will be able to travel to Norway.
  • You can also accept the offer without knowing in detail which courses you will be taking at UiB.

Courses with restricted admission:

  • If you have applied for any restricted courses, you will see which courses that have been accepted/rejected in Søknadsweb by 30 November.

Register and sign up for courses

Register at Studentweb

On 17 December you will get access to our online registration services for students (Studentweb), where you can sign up for courses and make changes to the courses you have already been accepted to if needed.

Students must register at Studentweb and sign up for courses, lectures and exams every semester.

Course schedules and exam dates: Before you sign up for courses, you should check the course schedules and exam dates to make sure that the classes and exams for your courses do not overlap. These are published on 1 June (autumn courses) and 1 December (spring courses).

How to register at Studentweb

Plan for your studies in Bergen