Jonassen gruppe


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Members in the Jonassen group

Group leader

  • Inge Jonassen

Post-docs / researchers / coordinators

  • Michael Dondrup
  • Konstantina Dimitrakopoulou
  • Matus Kalas
  • Rune Kleppe
  • Christine Stansberg
  • Fatemeh Zamanzad Ghavidel
  • Julia Romanowska (with Rolv Terje Lie)
  • Tomasz Stokowy (with Vidar Steen et al)
  • Pawel Sztromwasser (with Vidar Steen et al)

PhD students

  • Yaxin Xue
  • Xiaokang Zhang
  • Zhaoran Zhou

Master students

  • Øystein Kjørsvik